Have you noticed those blue-purple veins in your legs or ankles? Varicose veins can cause much more pain and discomfort than spider veins. The disease usually occurs due to the blood pooling in the veins. You may feel pain, itching, or uncomfortable legs. Some people consider it a cosmetic issue. But it is not; untreated varicose veins can cause severe health issues. The blood pools in the veins and does not reach back to the heart, causing heart issues. Visit your vein specialist if you have a venous disorder. 

What is a vein specialist called? A phlebologist is a vein doctor who treats your vein by diagnosing and treating vein disorders, venous diseases, and anything related to veins.

The painful varicose veins can limit your activities, and too much standing or sitting develop the chances of varicose veins. But there are many ways by which you can ease your discomfort, and follow these tips for varicose vein pain relief.

Wear varicose stockings above the knee.

Doctors suggest wearing varicose stockings, which are knee-length. They stop varicose veins from getting worse and reduce pain & discomfort by providing consistent pressure on the leg, helping the blood flow back to the heart.

Regular Exercise

Exercise regularly for at least 10 minutes to reduce varicose vein pain. It will help you reduce the pain a lot. Moving your legs circulates the blood throughout the day and allows you to stay healthy. Keep moving your legs and keep changing positions every 30 minutes. Moving as much as possible can benefit you a lot.

Stop continuous standing or sitting

The leading cause of varicose veins is prolonged standing or sitting. Avoid doing that. Take a small break between your works or in the office and have some walk to the washroom or to your coworker. While at home, take a brief pause. A simple lifestyle change can prevent varicose veins from developing more. If you still have the same pain, visit a vein doctor. Do you know what type of doctor treats varicose veins? A phlebologist or a vascular surgeon will treat your varicose veins. 

Lose Weight

One of the leading causes of varicose veins is overweight. People who are obese have more chances of developing many health issues, and varicose veins are one of them. The body fats increase more pressure on your legs, causing varicose veins. Do consider reducing your weight to avoid not only varicose veins but other problems as well.

Elevate Your Legs

When you elevate your legs, the blood circulates well to the heart back. Elevating your legs above your heart provides relief from varicose vein pain. When you keep your legs elevated, the venous valves work better, and blood returns to the heart from your lower body more adequately. Leg pain can be eased by promoting them with a pillow as you sleep.

Sufficient Hydration

Drinking water is necessary for vein disease because it gives you more benefits. For proper blood circulation drinking enough water is good for your body. Proper blood circulation reduces the intensity and frequency of varicose vein pain and discomfort.

In Conclusion:

You can also try exercises to allow the blood to flow better and reduce the pain. Take a walk for at least 30 minutes to one hour daily. Walking will help alleviate the pain and support your circulatory system. You can also try calisthenics exercises such as squatting. 

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