Do you know what spider veins are? You know those tiny red or blue lines on your face or legs? The good news is that laser therapy exists to make them vanish! You might ask do spider veins come back after laser treatment? To find out that, read this article till the end, as this article will investigate more about this laser treatment for spider veins.

What Are Spider Veins?

On your skin, spider veins resemble minute web-like lines. They don't hurt, but they can have an odd appearance. Your face and legs have both experienced their appearance. They develop when the tiny blood vessels close to your skin become unruly and become visible.

Why Is Laser Therapy?

Like a superhero for your skin, laser therapy. It zaps away spider veins using specialised light beams. The laser light targets the veins and causes them to disappear, almost like magic. The best thing, though? There is hardly much pain!

Do Spider Veins Return After Laser Therapy?

  • Probabilities Of Spider Veins Returning

So, here's the thing: Most spider veins disappear following laser therapy and don't return. However, there is a minuscule possibility that they could return inadvertently. Although it's uncommon, it can happen. 

  • Why Could They Return?

Consider it this way: While laser therapy is excellent at eliminating spider veins, occasionally, new ones might develop. Similar to a hide-and-seek game, you find and zap some veins, but later additional ones can opt to emerge and join the fun.

Factors That Can Affect Return

  • Your Body's Nature

Sometimes, spider veins are just something that your body naturally produces. If so, even after laser therapy, additional ones can appear. It's just the way your body functions; it's not your fault.

  • Sun And Skin

The sun can be somewhat challenging. Your skin may become irritated by too much sun and develop more spider veins. The veins could reappear if you don't take precautions and shield your skin from the sun.

  • The Role Of Hormones

In your body, hormones act as tiny messengers. They sometimes cause the development of spider veins. Thus, new veins may appear if your hormones decide to play pranks. To know more, you can contact your phlebologist.

  • Family Connections

You know what? Spider veins can occasionally run in families. You may be more prone to get them if your parents or grandparents did. The family ties may keep people coming back even after laser therapy.

Taking Care After Laser Therapy

  • Sun Protection

Recall how tricky the sun can be. It's crucial to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays following laser therapy. Sunscreen use and covering oneself in the sun can help prevent those veins.

  • Healthy Habits

Keep your blood flowing easily by eating well and staying active. The likelihood of developing new spider veins is decreased when your blood flows smoothly.


After reading this article, you now know What Doctor Treats Varicose Veins, and you are now fully informed about the potential for spider veins to reappear following laser treatment. Keep in mind that those annoying veins typically go away and stop bothering you. But occasionally, new ones might appear. There is a slight possibility that you might require another zap from the laser superhero, but it is nothing to worry about. Simply treat your skin well, shield it from the sun, and maintain good health. And do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you ever find any new veins. They'll have the greatest tips for preventing spider veins.